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About Wonder Hunter 

I’ll start with where I’ve been… touch on what I’ve learned along the way… and finish with how I might help you.


I’ve been a copywriter since 2012. Before that, I had an interesting tapestry of vocations, most of which you can see here


In 2015, I began focusing solely on copywriting inside the financial publishing industry.


I had come straight from six years of working in retail and institutional investing, so the red carpet kind of rolled itself out in front of me.


I’ve written front-ends, back-ends, launch campaigns, meganars and all collateral copy for:


Agora Financial

Seven Figure Publishing

Money Map Press

Investing Daily

Lombardi Publishing

NetEffect Marketing

The Motley Fool

InvestorPlace Media


American Writers and Artists, Inc.


I will say that the learning curve for financial direct response copywriting was much steeper than I ever imagined. The journey to proficiency much longer than anticipated.


But, somewhere in early 2018, I crossed a major threshold.


The words started to come faster. My sentences felt freer. 


My copy became clearer and so did my head.


I saw my ideas turn into reality with less hiccups each time.


I felt emotionally plugged in to the reader on the other side of the page.


And, hallelujah, I was finally having fun doing this.

I've been a guest instructor for Clayton Makepeace's Mastermind Alliance... a presenter at AWAI Bootcamp... a "10K Challenge" winner... a featured writer in Marcella Allison's book, Why Didn't Anyone Tell Me This Shit Before?.

I've also been a guest on The Business of Writing podcast, Just Add Hustle podcast, the Professional Writer's Association interview series and Mark Ford's interview series of copywriting success stories.

In 2019, I was selected as the Dig.Out MVP of the year and a grove of trees was planted in Tahoe National Forest in my name.


Over the years, I've learned how to:


  • Generate big ideas like it's my job (oh, it is my job!)

  • Execute a campaign from outline to traffic drivers with little oversight

  • Hold firm in legal review while maintaining goodwill between both parties

  • Produce compelling ads, lifts and video teasers at the drop of a hat 

  • Understand trading, charts, indicators and options 

  • Hand you something original, coherent, interesting, persuasive and always on-time


Samples of Past Work

Here’s proof I don’t just sit at home all day drinking coffee and surfing the Internet.


A number of my early promos are not on this page. They are either laughably horrible or were “chiefed” beyond recognition and therefore, not an accurate representation of what you can expect from me.

I also didn't include a couple promos I am very proud of having written that never saw the light of day because of 1) a swift change in market conditions and 2) getting shut down in legal review.


I selected the ones you see below because I think they show good range and they won't bore you. 

Home: Samples
Satellite repair


(aka "$7 Internet")

This has been a multi-year front-end control for a Ray Blanco product called Technology Profits Confidential. It has brought in over 50,000 new subscriptions as of writing this. It was also relaunched as a promo for the equity crowdfunding site, Crowdability.

Hexagon with x inside

Spinoff Millionaires

(aka "X-Shares")

This was a product launch for a new Mike Burnick service based on investing in Spinoff Companies. There was a lot of doubt whether or not a service like this could be successful, but the launch outperformed everyone’s expectations and I continued to write new video leads and traffic drivers for this same promo on a near weekly basis.

Stock Market Chart

This was a back-end for a Stephen Leeb product at Investing Daily. This was the promo that taught me how to bend historical data to my will. It was a grueling lesson, but one that has paid off in spades.

Football Player

This was a backend promo that I chiefed a brand new writer on. It was his first promo and I had a heavy hand in editing and shaping the narrative. We thought it was a home run. It wasn't. We still haven't found the right way to mix sports and financial copy. Maybe there isn't one... I'll probably try one more time though.


This was another promo I chiefed. The writer was a very experienced copywriter and marketer, but this was only his second financial promo. The conversion on this was pretty underwhelming. The lessons I learned were that it was a little too late in the Trump cycle for this idea and that likely the premise is not all that plausible. (Except that J.P. Morgan just opened it's "Volfefe" investing fund based on the SAME idea!)

Luxury Motor Yacht

I co-wrote this with my copy chief, Aaron Winter. You can certainly feel his influence throughout. It was a wacky idea he had that he just couldn't seem to flush out past the lead. I stepped in and gave substance to a somewhat flimsy, pretty flexible big idea. It was my first "income" promo. This was not a home run but it wasn't a total dud either. I still like reading it...

Ready to Get Published

Look, I can write more than just financial copy! This is a mid-tier product AWAI offers to customers interested in writing a novel or memoir in 30 days. It performed well when launched and may be slated for a larger, relaunch and repricing in the near future...

Modern Office Building

This is my second promo about Softbank. (See Halo-Fi for the other one.) I love selling this investment. It's so exciting and the copy seems to write itself. As of writing, this is the current control for Ray Blanco's Breakthrough Technology Profits back-end service.


This sales page was the culmination of a three-week launch campaign I developed and executed. By any account, it was a huge success. We quadrupled our original 30-day sales target in just 48 hours. And the follow-up letters I read from new members were a testament to how deeply this message resonated with them. 

Copy Chiefing and Mentoring

I am more than happy to pay forward the invaluable guidance I received when I building my copywriting business.

I can do that in a few ways:

  • Quick phone calls where I help answer one specific question you have...

  • Chiefing/editing a promo you are currently working on...

  • Ongoing mentoring and coaching on both craft and business building.

Here's what one recent copywriter had to say about working with me:

I have been so impressed and pleased to have Julie Hassett as my copy chief and coach on several projects. She has been generous with her time and wisdom. It has markedly improved my copy… and thus my client’s satisfaction with my work.

Julie has a sharp eye for effective copy. She’s quick to point out where the copy needs more proof, where it begins to be vague, or starts to go off-track. Plus she’ll often offer target-on suggestions for fixing the work. She’s brilliant! I wonder, why couldn’t I have thought of those perfect words?

She has great insight into the buyer’s mind and will suggest opportunities to resolve concerns or build on their existing emotions.  She also has a total respect for the reader and insists on giving them value for their reading time. As she copy chiefs, she shows places to improve flow, build desire, and cut, so you don’t waste the prospect’s time.

She manages to pull my best work from me.  Even when I need to go back to the big idea and rework large sections, she’s optimistic, encouraging, and a strong cheerleader. With her as my copy chief, I feel confident we’ll produce powerful and effective sales copy.  I have worked with Julie on short sales pieces and long form financial sales letters. I can without reservation recommend her to anyone seeking to improve their work and produce copy that sells.

If you'd like to talk to me about how to improve your copywriting skills, get higher paying work and thrive as a freelancer, contact me below or email me at


If you are a financial copywriter, you may find the slide presentation below helpful. These slides are from a talk I gave as a guest speaker in Clayton Makepeace's Mastermind Alliance.

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Wonder Hunter Speaks!

(and looks goofy as h*ll in video stills)

Contact Wonder Hunter

If you are interested in booking me for your podcast or as a speaker at your event, just shoot me an email.


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